Curtains versus Blinds


Curtains, crafted from fabric offer a diverse range of options in terms of fabrics, widths, lengths, colours, styles and patterns. Their versatility makes them a favoured window treatment in many homes. Made from fabric they add a softness to the room and create a sense of style.

Curtains can be tailored from sheer or blackout fabrics. Sheer curtains are designed to filter sunlight and offer daytime privacy. They complement block-out curtains or blinds, enabling the sheers to be utilized during the day for natural light while the block-out counterparts provide privacy and shield against intense sunlight, particularly in hot summer days or during nighttime.

There are loads of different curtain styles and tracks out there. You can pick one that matches your home’s vibe or your own personal taste. Take a peek at our Curtains page on our website for some inspiration!



Blinds come in all sorts of materials like fabric, wood, bamboo, plastic, PVC, vinyl, or aluminium. There are many different styles of blinds such as; roller blinds, roman blinds, venetians and panel blinds.

Blinds are very functional with mechanisms that allow you to adjust them with ease such as chains or tilting cords. Roller blinds are our most popular style of blinds and come in a wide range of fabrics such as block out, screen and translucent, this offers a range of functionality for blocking or filtering sunlight.

With such a diverse array of styles, fabrics and mechanisms, there’s something to match every window and preference out there.


To sum up, curtains bring a soft and adaptable look with their array of fabric choices, whereas blinds offer practicality and versatility in managing light and privacy. Both options are great for window treatments, depending on what suits your preferences and requirements.Top of Form


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