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Angled Curtains

Angled curtains can be made a variety of different styles. They are sewn in a way that they fit an angled window when closed and can be installed on a cord or hand drawn track.

Angled Curtains

Angled curtains are specifically crafted to fit angled windows, where the track runs diagonally rather than horizontally. These curtains are tailored to accommodate the unique shape of angled windows, often featuring varying lengths to match the window’s angles.

We offer both fixed and flowing curtain options based on your preferences. Curtains with pinch pleat or pencil pleat headings can flow on the track using either a cord or flick stick mechanism. For curtains with S-Fold or rod pocket headings, they are fixed onto the track.

All our angled curtains are meticulously made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for your window. We take precise measurements to ensure that the curtains fit seamlessly onto your angled windows.

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