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Curtains Vs Blinds

As it relates to window treatments, so many options are there that choosing what is right for your home can become quite overwhelming.  Both of these window treatments can be used in many spaces around the home and with a number of decorating styles.  Each has distinctive characteristics of its own.


Curtains are made out of fabric and individuals typically buy them in pairs.  There is a vast array of curtains on the market and you will find them in a variety of fabrics, widths, lengths, colours and patterns.  In addition, curtains are versatile and quite popular window treatment for homes.

Typically, curtains are made from lightweight fabrics with some being extremely sheer.  These curtains are designed to add softness to the space.  They are also unlined so most likely they will have to be used over another window treatment, like a blind, to completely block out sunlight and provide privacy.

There is the option of choosing a heavy fabric to make the curtains more effective at preventing sunlight from entering the space, keeping your bedroom dark on those mornings you want to sleep in, for example. 

Curtains are hung from a rod and this can be decorative and on display or hidden and plain, depending on your preference.  A few hanging options are also available and the most common include fabric or metal rings, metal grommets and a fabric sleeve at the back or on top of the curtain panel.


As it relates to blinds, they are made out of materials like wood, bamboo, plastic, PVC, vinyl and aluminium.  They typically have slats that can be kept closed for privacy or tilted open to let in sunlight.  Blinds can usually be lifted up and down via a cord or another lifting mechanism.  As a result of the lifting mechanism, it is not necessary for the entire blind to be lifted, unless you would like to open the window.

25mm is the standard depth for blind slats and these are known as mini blinds.  The 50mm slats are often referred to as Venetian blinds.  The width and length of the blinds are designed to fit within the frame of the window.  While the blinds with horizontal louvers are most commonly used, there are blinds that have hanging vertical slats as well.  These are mainly used over large sliding windows or on sliding patio doors.