Beat the Heat: Summer Friendly Curtains

In Australia it is hot and sunny during the summer months. Choosing curtains that are effective during these hot months is really important. Consider the orientation of your home to maximise the effectiveness of your chosen curtains in keeping living spaces cool.

1. Lightweight Fabrics

Opt for curtains made from lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen synthetic blends. These materials allow aur circulation and help keep the room cool.

2. Light Colours

Choose light coloured curtains as they reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it. Light colours also give a fresh and airy feel to the room.

3. Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are an excellent choice for summer. They let in natural light while providing a level of privacy. The thin fabric allows for good air circulation.


Sheer Curtains full wall Rosanna

4. Blockout Curtains

If you want to keep the room cool by blocking out the sun entirely, blockout curtains are a good option. They are designed to block sunlight and UV rays, keeping the temperature lower.

5. Reduce Fabric Fading

Swapping your curtains from one side of the track to the other to avoid having one edge constantly exposed to the sunlight, helping to evenly expose the fabric to the light over time. Having blockout curtains with lining on the back also significantly reduces fabric fading.

6. UV Window Tint

These are usually invisible once installed and will drastically reduce the amount of UV light entering your space, saving not just your fabrics but your flooring, walls and hard furniture as well.

7. Curtains on TracksĀ 

These make it easy to open and close the curtains, allowing you to control the amount of sunlight entering the room.

8. Room Space

Make sure there is plenty of room to stack back your curtains which limits direct contact of sunlight on to the front edges of your curtains and will extend their life.