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Coronavirus – We will keep you posted! as at August 4, 2020

COVID-19 UpdateNow more than ever before, the concern over Covid-19 is becoming apparent for many residents of Australia. Situations like this don’t happen often, but when they do it certainly pays to prioritise health and safety as highly as possible.

Can I Still Get Curtains & Blinds Installed During the Coronavirus?

At Spectrum, we understand more than most that the key to minimising risk is to reduce the likelihood of transmission – and that’s why we’re doing all that we can to safeguard you, our personnel and your property in this challenging time.

How Are We Doing This?

Not only are our staff some of the most experienced in the field, they also understand the importance of reducing the risk of spread as far as the virus is concerned. That’s why we’re implementing measures to assist every step of the way; allowing us to take care of your projects, whilst minimising your concern in the process. 


– When visiting your home, we’ll avoid shaking hands and getting to close to you, and we’re politely requesting that only essential clients are present when we take care of any installations.

– Our personnel vigorously wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitiser, disinfectants on anything that we use or touch, as well as anti-bacterial and bactericidal soaps.


– By asking you to move any unnecessary furniture out of the way before we arrive, we can make a beeline for where you need us and negate the need to touch anything that isn’t a necessity.

– As briefly mentioned above, social distancing is a priority – and that extends further than simply not shaking hands, it also means that we’ll respect the space between you and us (including while we take measurements, provide quotes and handle installations).


– For your peace of mind, we’re accepting payments via direct debit to negate the need for money to change hands on a physical level.

Going the Extra Mile

– Lastly, we understand that the symptoms of the virus can be wide and varied and that’s why we are extending courtesy to those of you that may feel unwell at this time. If you’re concerned in any way, we can reschedule at your convenience without fuss.

At Spectrum Curtains & Blinds, your health, protection and comfort are our priorities. Although we all have to make adjustments in this troubled time, we’re still on hand to help.